What We Do:

630 Marketing will work with you to develop and hone in on all your marketing goals. A great strategy or event should be developed from research and in-depth discussion. This workflow will yield a tremendous plan.
630 Marketing can look at your current structure and workflow and suggest improvements for a more streamlined/effective operation and project tracking system.
630 Marketing can look at ongoing plans and executions and suggest improvements and ideas to make them even stronger.
Use the vast experience of 630 Marketing to go to work on the early stages of a project and attack the situation and opportunity from a different perspective.
630 Marketing can look at your current creative efforts and overall look/feel from a new vantage point and propose next steps.
630 Marketing’s enormous amount of skill in developing revenue-generating marketing projects across multiple verticals is second to none.
630 Marketing can pour through and analyze your current research to provide a fresh viewpoint and direction going forward.
630 Marketing has years of experience in presentation skills and coaching for speakers for gatherings from 5 to 500 people. Put that experience to work for your next big meeting or event.